Dear Patients from the US


Here are some important notes for your visit at our Practice.

Certain things are a bit different compared to the US at the German Doctors office.

Our Host Nation providers in Germany like to take a lot of time with all their Patients.

Therefore sometimes there will be a certain waiting time, even if you have a standing appointment.


·         Check in about 5-10 minutes before your appointment with the desk clerk


·         Please take something to read with you to pass the time in the waiting room


·         Bring some toys for your kids, also we got a play area with some toys


·         In our practice we treat emergency cases and we will take those before the standing appointments. If an emergency case comes in, waiting time may increase.


·         Staff may not inform Patients about those delays


·         If patients get called ahead of you and they arrived after you that may have to do with the kind of appointment they have made (lab test, special procedure, blood sample etc.)