Consultation hours


Basically an appointment must always be made.
Emergencies will be given priority.
However, please call in advance even in emergencies so that a course of action may be determined.

We are there for you Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m.

Phone number for appointments: 0 63 73 - 62 30

Consulting and advisory services requiring more time will be scheduled for the end of the consultation hours.
Taking of blood samples will usually be done upon appointment in the mornings on an empty stomach.
If you suspect your child to have an infectious disease, please ring the bell in the hallway in front of the practice so that we can let you in by a separate entrance.
We partly work with immediate diagnostics enabling you to often just stay and wait for your results.

Here you can find additional important phone numbers, also for emergencies.


We are looking forward to your visit